A Guide on Preparing Workplaces Safe for COVID 19

COVID 19 Workplace Risk Assessment

Learn about Workplace Risk Assessment, Training and its Need For Your Businesses

Under the Occupational Health and safety Act of 1970, it is mandatory to assure healthy and safe working environment for the workers by providing them education, information and training programs in the field of occupational health and safety.

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis, has affected the workplaces very badly. During these times, it is important that employees are made aware of the precautions to take to prevent themselves, their co-workers and clients from catching and spreading the Coronavirus.

Corona Virus is an infectious respiratory diseases caused by SARS-COV 2 Virus. Depending on the severe outbreak conditions, COVID 19 has affected all aspects of daily life including public and private sectors, travel, tourism, hospitality, retail and financial markets.

To reduce its inpact on businesses, employees, public and customers, all employers are required to plan for COVID 19.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) developed COVID 19 guidance and training programs that involves industrial hygiene practices and infection prevention.

CoSafe & Safety Via Technology are also offering a REMOTE detailed workplace / office COVID-19 risk assessment and advice service to ensure your office is compliant before staff return to work in the office.

Covid 10 Employee Safety Course UK

This 30-minute Safety Via Technology Online Covid 19 Staff Training Course is designed for employers and employees of all industries and segments.

Workplace COVID 19 Risk Assessment with Employee Safety

Whatever industry or segment you belong to, we offer specific workplace risk assessment and work recommendations. These control measures help to manage the identified risks. Based on the UK Government COVID 19 secure guidelines, the online employee safety course is designed to help workers prepare for and respond to exposure and illness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The assessments will ensure compliance with legislation as well as help to lessen your employees’ concerns with returning to their workplace. 

Necessary aspects involved in the risk assessment

  • About The Company and its business activities
  • Building Description, facility, ownership and responsibility
  • Number of Employees who normally occupy the Company’s offices – their health and ability
  • Date the premises closed for the ‘lockdown’ and the planned back to work date.
  • Employee training and safety procedures.
  • Who should work in the office, and protecting the vulnerable
  • Working at home, postural safety, communication
  • Emergency first aid and fire arrangements and changes needed
  • Travel and commuting
  • Social distancing at work
  • Hygiene and preventing infection – office layout, mealtimes, washing and toilet facilities
  • Visitors and meeting safety
  • Cleaners, contractors and couriers – sending and receiving items
  • Safe handling of received goods
  • Cleaning the workplace
  • Returning to closed premises (water systems, air-handling units, etc)

Follow the guide and adopt the above practical measures. It includes information on how to maintain social distancing in the workplace, work shifts, hygiene as well as how to deal with the pandemic.

Employers need to understand what work activities or situations might cause transmission of the virus and who could be at risk. Employers need to consider removing the activity or situation, or if this is not possible, controlling the risk.

Coronavirus is a global pandemic which is going worse and worse with time.. It is essential for each and every individual to take particular measures in order to prevent the spread of this epidemic disease.

Published by Safety Via Technology

Our story started in 2002 with a team of health and safety consultants providing clients with employee training and health and safety risk assessments face to face. We are a leading provider of health and safety risk assessments UK-wide via our team of highly qualified 500+ health and safety consultant’s. Today, we are one of the leading providers of online and face to face risk assessments for more than 3,000 Client’s UK-wide. Our offering covers every aspect of health and safety from COVID-19 to asbestos awareness and DSE.

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